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Values and Vision
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Tandridge Education Partnership

What do we believe in?


We believe the Partnership is strongest when it works together. It will support confident schools to shape and lead the system together. It will ensure a strong influential voice to staff, students, parents and carers.


We believe in building trust between our members and others we work with. We know that when there are high levels of trust things get done quicker, better and easier and with more fun because we do not need so many checks and so much bureaucracy. To achieve this, members need to demonstrate integrity, be open about their motives, have the capability to do what they have agreed to do and always do what they say they will.


We believe that the Partnership is innovative in its approach to achieving its goals and we will strive to be creative and original in all our work. We will be open to new ideas and willing to take risks together.


We believe in and value the diversity and differences within the Partnership and strive to be inclusive in all aspects of its work, acknowledging different needs and being tolerant of different views encouraging honest dialogue on points of difference.


We believe the Partnership is built on the passion of individuals and organisations to make a positive difference. Tandridge Education Partnership will be passionate in its support of the Partnership and its members by being optimistic, excited by new ideas, inspiring others, persevering and being determined to succeed.

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