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About Tandridge Education Partnership
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Tandridge Education Partnership

About Us

TEP’s Vision

The Tandridge Education Partnership’s vision is for Tandridge to be a place where learners are offered educational excellence achieved through schools working together.

TEP’s Mission

Tandridge Education Partnership is a partnership between 33 Schools and Special Schools, 4 Children’s Centres and TEP Learning Centre in Tandridge, designed to improve opportunities and services for every child and young person through their learning and teaching. We work together to raise attainment in our schools, encourage staff to share expertise and best practice, and empower our school leaders to create local strategic plans to benefit our learning communities. We aim to be one of the leading educational partnerships in the UK.


The partnership has a series of objectives to support the implementation of both the vision and mission statements, with each objective being supported by an action plan. The emphasis is on Teaching and Learning. The objectives are outlined each year in the Strategic Plan


All state funded and voluntary aided primary and secondary  and special schools in Tandridge plus Moor House School and Young Epilepsy are able to be members of the Tandridge Education Partnership. In addition the partnership is willing to include other schools in the area providing they share the same vision and agree to abide by the agreed constitution of the partnership.

TEP Partner Schools

Tandridge Education Partnership